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Can you lose your green card?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | immigration |

Receiving a green card is something many people across the world dream of. Once you achieve that dream, it would be a shame to see it shattered by the authorities taking your green card away.

While most people get to keep their green cards for as long as they wish, it is possible to lose them. Here is how that could occur:

If you are convicted of crimes

Most criminal convictions will not affect your green card status. However, some of a particularly serious nature could lead an immigration judge to decide that you should be removed from the country.

Immigration judges could also decide to revoke your right to remain for a series of lesser convictions that, when viewed together, paint you as someone the country does not want living here. Remember, unlike someone with citizenship, you need to consider living here (and holding a green card) a privilege rather than a right.

If you do not reside here

Green cards are residency visas, and if the authorities believe you are not residing here, they could take your card away. They could reach this conclusion after looking at factors such as how much time you spend out of the country and whether you pay your taxes here or elsewhere.

If the card was conditional

Some green cards are given based on you complying with specific conditions by a specific date. For example, those given based on marrying or investing. Failing to comply in time or to show proof you have complied could see your green card revoked.

If you have any doubts on this matter, it is best to seek legal help to resolve them sooner rather than later.