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What Are Diversity Visa Green Cards?

The U.S. government began the Diversity Visa Program to encourage visa applications from countries with historically low rates of immigration to the U.S. You complete your entry through an online application process, which explains the very detailed qualifications you must meet for consideration. If you find you need more guidance regarding this program, the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Paul Herzog are here to help you.

The Lottery System

The government chooses diversity visas by lottery. This lottery awards visas to applicants from six geographic regions. The regions with fewer immigrants generally receive more visas. If a country has sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the U.S. within the past five years, they receive no visas through the lottery process.

To find out if you qualify and to apply, go to the U.S. State Department’s diversity visa web site: Keep in mind that the Diversity Visa Program is one of the easiest government programs to apply for and usually a lawyer is not necessary for the initial application.

Let Us Help

We are happy to help winners of the Diversity Visa Program complete the application process. Feel free to contact us at 844-859-8146 or email us and we will conduct a 15-minute initial evaluation of your case free-of-charge.