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On what grounds can people apply for asylum in the U.S.?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2024 | immigration |

With many types of immigration, individuals need to take the proper steps in advance. For instance, someone who is coming to the United States to attend college needs to get an education visa. Even tourists who are going to be staying for a significant amount of time may need a tourism visa. If they enter the country illegally, they could be deported and may jeopardize their chances to get the proper paperwork.

It’s different with asylum, where you either need to show up at a port of entry or already be in the United States in order to apply. You can’t do it in advance, and there’s no such thing as an “asylum visa.” Why is it set up this way?

Asylum is for protection

The reason is that people who are seeking asylum need to demonstrate that they’re facing persecution or that they have a genuine fear of physical harm. They’re coming to the U.S. because they need protection and it’s the only way they know to keep themselves and their family safe.

For example, many people who seek asylum are being persecuted because of their ethnicity, religion or national origin. It is not safe for them in their country, so deporting them back to that country would put them in grave danger. They flee to the United States, cross the border and then ask for asylum so that they can stay legally.

This is a complicated process, and it’s very important to get all the details right if you’re seeking asylum or any other type of immigration status. The laws are very complex, so be sure you understand exactly what steps to take.