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Solutions to the immigration visa backlog

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | immigration |

Although someone may petition for a family member to immigrate to the United States, visa backlogs develop. A California resident may need help addressing the issue of a relative waiting for a visa with no apparent end in sight. A new program proposed by the Biden Administration may provide relief for eligible people.

The visa backlog

Roughly 75,000 people with relatives waiting in Central and South America may find a solution to their situation. Family Reunification Parole programs can allow those who meet the established requirements to come to the United States and remain in the country while their visa is being processed.

The Federal Register announced four new programs that may help facilitate family reunification under the program. The announcement heralds a potential means for lawfully entering the United States.

Applying under the program

Anyone wishing to take advantage of Family Reunification Parole programs must follow the rules established under immigration law. Typically, the applicant must have an approved petition for an alien relative. Even those who are eligible have no guarantees of approval. All applications for family reunification receive a review on a case-by-case basis. Any problems or issues with the application may cause otherwise avoidable problems.

Thoroughly completing the application and avoiding errors and omissions can help the process along. An application that is riddled with errors or missing information is at risk of being rejected.

Also, the application may require the submission of supporting documents. The immigration authorities might contact someone for additional evidence or information, and a prompt response will be necessary because failure to respond promptly will cause a significant delay. If a decision is made that does not have a favorable outcome, utilize the appeals process.