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A new family reunification program is proposed

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | immigration |

Persons wishing to bring family members to the United States can apply for the necessary visa to do so. The volume of such applicants can be significant, leaving many awaiting the processing of their visa petitions. California residents could wait far longer than they expected because of backlogs. However, newly proposed rules might support family reunifications for those qualifying.

A family reunification program

The Biden administration has launched a new program that could affect some individuals residing in Central and South America awaiting their visa processing, allowing them to come to the United States in the interim. There are potentially 75,000 individuals who may be eligible for the program, which is part of the established Family Reunification Parole programs started in previous years.

The Federal Registrar will post the proposed regulatory action. The rules would only apply to someone who currently has a legal path to immigrate to the United States. Those who think they may qualify could review the information when it appears on the Federal Registrar.

Applying for these and other programs

Immigration rules will provide details about following through on any invitations related to the program. Applying for relief under Family Reunification Parole typically requires submitting the necessary paperwork and doing so within a specified timeframe. Failing to file the paperwork on time could create problems for persons invited to apply.

Errors and omissions could result in denials of petitions, depending on the specific petition filed. Reviewing all materials before submitting them seems advisable to avoid problems. Anyone receiving an invitation letter for the Family Reunification Parole program may find it helpful to have any unclear elements clarified.