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3 ways to find support during the marriage green card process

On Behalf of | May 10, 2023 | immigration |

Dealing with the process of obtaining a marriage green card in California can be complex and stressful. As couples try to plan for their future, the uncertainties of the process can cause several difficulties. There are a few ways to lessen the burden.

Seek counseling

There are relationship therapists or marriage therapists who have experience helping couples who are going through the marriage green card process and immigration issues. In addition to understanding the common issues couples face in relationships, they understand the unique challenges of marriages between people from different cultures. Combining all that knowledge with their understanding of the marriage green card process difficulties can be especially beneficial.

Online help and resources

There are several online resources with a lot of helpful information, answers to questions and more. The USCIS site is a good starting point for information.

Meet others who went through the process

In addition to the benefit of having new friends, connecting with others can help people learn about challenges or pitfalls to avoid. It can help to hear about the experiences of others, and seeing other cross-border marriages work can be encouraging to couples. Today, there are online communities and even in-person support groups specifically for people who are going through the marriage green card process.

Many people can also look to their family members and friends for support. Although the process is bound to come with some challenges and difficulties, they can be lessened when couples reach out for help. The key is to find the right type of support for each situation.