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Employment-based immigration increases expected in October

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | immigration |

Employment-based immigration allows foreigners to immigrate to a country and obtain permanent residency through their work. An employment-based immigrant visa makes it easier to eventually become a permanent resident or citizen. In contrast, a non-immigrant visa does not provide the same benefits. With the recent increases to immigration in California, this trend is expected to increase by October 2021.

Increases in employment-based immigration

Starting Oct. 1, 2021, the U.S. government expects that more than 290,000 employees will obtain green cards through their employers. The main reason for this increase is the COVID-19 pandemic. Surges of hopeful immigrants have reached the U.S. borders due to the pandemic, climate change and civil unrest. The government has remained very selective as to which types of individuals they allow into the country.

Certain employers have chosen to sponsor foreign workers in certain industries, particularly in health care where there are shortages of nurses and doctors. When the number of green card holders will double in number, business owners and employers will benefit by having a fuller staff of workers.

The news is especially beneficial to foreign workers. Many of them are working in the U.S. using temporary work visas. They no longer have to go through the U.S. embassy or leave the country temporarily to obtain employment visas.

What employers and employees should do next

Both U.S.-based employers and foreign employees are encouraged to the advantage of this rare opportunity. The first step is to review a full list of rights and responsibilities that are expected when obtaining a green card and permanent residency. This involves doing your research and learning more about immigration law.