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Is it time to adjust your status and seek a Green Card?

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Just securing entry into the United States as a potential immigrant is often quite difficult. If you have a familial relationship via blood or marriage with either a citizen or a lawful permanent resident, family-based immigration can be the easiest way to enter the United States.  

Unfortunately, just because you were able to enter the United States doesn’t mean that you can stay for long or seek gainful employment while you’re here. If you want to stay in the United States, it may be time to consider filing the necessary paperwork for an adjustment of status that could allow you to secure a Green Card and become a lawful permanent resident yourself.

The process of adjusting your status

In order to request that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) adjust your status, you must already be in the United States. Before you apply, you should review the requirements for Green Cards sought via family immigration, which includes having a qualifying relationship with a citizen or permanent resident. 

The process will involve filling out Form I-485. From there, you will likely have to have your information verified, as well as providing your biometric information. After a comprehensive background check, you may have to complete an interview or possibly even submit additional evidence related to your request. Finally, you will receive a decision from the USCIS regarding whether they have approved your request for a Green Card or not.

Factors ranging from your criminal history to your need for financial aid can all impact your eligibility, as can mistakes or oversights when filing paperwork. Getting the right legal help can make all the difference when you want to seek a Green Card.